Note to Self: Collection Video

Note To Self:

Practice Sensitivity,
Practice Feeling,
Practice Acknowledging yourself and not the self that others put  onto you.  
Don’t let your suppressed emotions turn into unfulfilled dreams.
Express how you really feel in your core and don’t apologize for the act of feeling. Being sensitive is your superpower and no one can strip away your ability to read others and sense emotions.
Don’t carry the heavy weight others put onto you when they don’t understand who you are. They might hardly understand themselves.
Don’t suffocate the person deep inside trying their hardest to understand who they are. Give yourself room to grow and be patient with the results.
Your sensitivity is a tool that you use to understand the world around you.
It’s a beam of light others can feel connected through

It doesn’t hold you back from your dreams, it only helps guide you as long as you learn how to use it.
Your Sensitivity is beautiful and I love the way you love yourself today.
Please keep practicing your sensitivity

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